Apr 04

How Web Push Notifications can boost engagement and conversion rates

A complete Guide to Web Push Notifications. How can leverage the most benefits from web push Notifications in eCommerce website.
Feb 01

E-commerce Tracking in WooCommerce: 45 tools besides GA to help you make more money

In 2017, you will be looking forward to steering your WooCommerce Store through another milestone.
Jan 09

WooCommerce shipping Zones & Shipping Classes — Your A to Z Guide

This post focuses on WooCommerce Shipping Zones & Shipping Classes, understanding the difference between these
Jan 03

2016: Year in Review – DotStore

DotStore is an online store which sells premium and free WordPress/WooCommerce Plugins and HTML/WordPress Themes and Templates and has been an in-house brand of Multidots
Dec 12

Greet the holiday season with product bundle boons for your WooCommerce Store

Winters bring with them, a lot more than chills – happiness, celebrations, festivities, families, gifts, love…..for everyone
Dec 06

10 ways to improve holiday shopping experience on your Woocommerce stores

For e-commerce business, an upcoming holiday season is like landing into a gold mine. Mine it right, and you can make real big bucks.
Nov 17

Here is why ecommerce analytics is critical for your business

In this ever-changing e-commerce landscape, it is becoming increasingly critical to understand how your business is generating revenue
Nov 04

WooCommerce Shipping Zones Decoded

WooCommerce 2.6 brings shipping zones,you can offer a better customer experience and more flexibility to online merchants in terms of pricing shipping rates.
Oct 26

Introducing New Conditional Shipping Rules in WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Plugin 2.0

For those online merchants who want to have different flat rate shipping methods, the default feature offered by WooCommerce does not suffice.